We established a WG under the umbrella of ISHAM for supporting all scientific aspects that deals with “Medical Phycology: Protothecosis and Chlorellosis” (Application submitted on December 29, 2013 and approved on May 4, 2014).” Algal infections are so-called “orphan diseases” that have been studied principally by medical mycologists because of the yeast-like appearances of the causative algae.

This WG aims to be a forum where specialists in algal infections in humans and animals may join efforts to build a network to increase the knowledge in this area. More precise announcements of our program will appear at ISHAM news. It is planned to have our WG meeting during the next ISHAM congress in 2015. A subsequent plan will then be organized. The concept of this WG in general will be launched at the near future in a webpage <http://www.isham.org>.
WG’s study field is described, as follows:

1. Pathogenic algae overview
1.1. Characteristics of algal infections
1.2. Taxonomy of Family Chlorellaceae using large subunit ribosomal DNA
2. Ecology and epidemiology
2.1. Global warming
2.2. Surveillance in human cases
2.3. Increasing diseases and publicity campaigns
3. Pathogenicity
3.1. Virulence factors
3.1.1. Sporangia and endospores
3.1.2. Chlorophyll
3.1.3. Thermotolerance
3.1.4. Adhesion and hydroaffinity
3.1.5. Assimilation and nutrition
3.1.6. Extracellular secondary metabolites and siderophores
3.1.7. Miscellaneous approach
3.2. Pathogenesis in humans and animals
4. Immune responses against Prototheca and Chlorella species
4.1. Host specialization
4.2. Innate immunity
4.3. Adaptive immunity
4.3.1. Cell-mediated immunity
4.3.2. Humoral immunity
4.4. Experimental model for infection
5. Diagnosis
5.1. Rapid and accurate diagnosis and identification
6. Treatment
6.1. In vitro susceptibility
6.2. Clinical efficacy
6.3. Drug delivery system
6.4. Recommendable strategy
7. Prevention and control
8. Future directions

Thank you for joining us!
Medical Phycology Working Group (ISHAM-MPWG)

John R. Todd, M.D. (U.S.A.)
Koichi Makimura, M.D., PhD. (Japan)

Participation in ISHAM-MPWG is open to any scientists who are interested to join this international network on the area of Medical Phycology.
Applications must be sent to Dr. Rui Kano (WG Secretary) by e-mail or by post to the following address:
Rui Kano, DVM, Ph.D.
Teikyo University Insutitute of MEdical Mycology (TIMM)
Tokyo 192-0395, Japan
Phone: +81-42-678-3568
Fax: +81-42-674-9190

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